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Wai-con 2014!

Hello everyone! It has been a long time - I'm so sorry! Usually I try to put up a post once a month, but last year was very, VERY busy, and I couldn't seem to find the time to post anything - even though a lot has happened! So I will put some some (more) posts after Wai-con, and they will be short so as to not ramble!

For the past few months I have been frantically making things for Wai-con 2014, and if you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook (where I post more often, and most likely you would have been bombarded by pictures and things like that), I have been working on a few new things! I have been wanting to make a lot more new things, but with my (then new job last year) job, and all sorts of other things, I had to drastically cut down the list! T-T Very disappointed! But maybe this year, instead of being on a complete hiatus, I will craft now and then, and get around to completing my list of ideas!

So look forward to some posts after March, that will include the photos I’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram, and some Youtube videos (which reminds me – I have about 6 waiting to be edited – egads), that will explain a little more about what I had worked on leading up to Wai-con!

For this years’ Wai-con, I’m sharing my table with Meerkat Boy! A wonderful friend of mine, who is a fantastic artist! She paints on shoes, and they’re really cute, or beautiful! I’ll be sure to post up pictures of it when I can ^_^ For now though, we will be at table AB! So if you’re attending Wai-con, come on by and say hello :D




It has been a while, about 3 months or so, but I've (kind of) settled into my new house! So relieved! There is still a room full of boxes left to sorted (mostly toys - lol - and papers and files) but the place is liveable, and my crafting area is pretty much sorted and made! Perhaps I should do a craft area tour? Not sure if I will, since if I do, do one, it'll be because for once, all of my craft things is in one room, and mostly organised! We shall see . . .

Meanwhile! I've put up some more videos of things, that interest me (I'm weird I know), but here they are:

First up, another charm update!

Then I did a 'Back to School Update' - just an excuse really to make a video about some stationary I've made:

And then I did a food haul! Of course, another one :)

And then, because my crazy craft shopping spree online resulted in my orders being delivered, I started filming some craft hauls :D

There are more videos, but I think I'll share them with you in another post ;D Hopefully soon I can start filming some tutorials on how I make some of my things - but we shall see!!


Craft, Shopping and Peculiar Food

So yes, I have more videos to share with you! Most likely I'm boring everyone silly with them, but there is not much to post about, given that I am still busy with work, the process of moving, and waiting for pacakges to arrive from my crazy shopping spree for craft things xD

But! I did have a fantastic time at Yobe Cosplay's festival! It rained on the day, but luckily even though it was an anime flea market, we were undercover, so no wet things for me, yay! And I got to be table buddies with the amazing Taro.Sweets and Kura :D They must be so sick of seeing me almost everywhere they do to trade, hehehe

Here's a picture!

The table~! I really must see about getting two tables every time I trade, as there is not much room for everything . . . And another photo! Another shot of the table, and a group photo of the cosplayers on the day :) I'm hiding in the back somewhere, fufufufu!

Yup, a lot of fun! Now, onto the videos!

Hehe, my third charm update! I think about 2 more updates or so and my entire charm collection will be shown (goodness I have a lot). I then did a phone plug update:
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Hello all! It's been a while T^T sorry sorry! Things have been busy, and I keep forgetting to post! Anyway, the most important news I have is that I have a giveaway on at the moment on my Instagram and my Youtube channel! To go to my Instagram, just click here: http://instagram.com/#bistre and below is my video about the giveaway on Youtube Channel:

I hope you will enter in the giveaway since its international :D However, that was not the only video I have posted xD I think I've gone a little bit nuts with it, but I find it fun to be able to see things in another way. So I filmed my first resin update:

And of course I did a second one:
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More Youtubing!

Hello all! It has been a while and I have been busy making, editing and uploading videos up onto youtube ^_^ But before I share them, just an update with the trade offer!

I have decided to put a deadline on it, and it ends on the 5th of July! I had to set one, as some things have come up, and I can't leave it open-ended like that :) I'm actually not even sure if anyone will even accept my trade offer, and offer their trade too, but we will see ^_^ If there is none, I will have a think about extending the deadline, or just not have one anymore.

But in other news, here are the videos! I made two charm updates:

They're not really charm updates per se, as these things I have made a while ago, and never have filmed until now.

But there is something nice about being able to see every aspect of the charm, no?

I then made another video about cold porcelain - went into more detail about how much it darkens in colour when it dries, if you use acrylic paint to colour the clay. I tried out as many colours as I could XD I then made two random videos, one about the candy sprinkle collection I have . . .

I use them mainly to decorate cupcakes, cakes and cookies - but I also use them for resin! I do love how resin preserves things ^_^

then I kind of jumped on the bandwagon and made a video about the squishy collection I have. Which is woefully small, and well, consists of only three. Lol. But there you go! I have been busy with work, and video making! I haven't been able to craft as much, and making deco pieces (as you have seen in the cold porcelain video) isn't really crafting as such.

Perhaps I will get some time soon, and maybe make a resin piece? Not sure . . . But I do know I will be making a film showing some of my resin pieces, and maybe some softies too!


Trade offer!


I've decided to open for trades!

Trade rules are:

1. It's an international trade!
2. You must be 18 or older OR have parents permission to mail out
3. You must be a follower on Instagram/liker on Facebook/subscriber on Youtube! Any one of those three!
4. Make a video on Youtube (titled "Trade Offer for WaterMelon³ - Bistrez")/Instagram pic or post/Facebook picture post of your trade offer and message me about what you would like from my shop! (I prefer videos if you can! Or just heaps of pictures! And remember to notify me of it!)
5. You can pick anything from my storenvy as long as the total (not including shipping costs) is $20 or under!
6. Must send first and send confirmation of doing so! By sending me a private message of a scan of your postage receipt OR unless you have an established 5+ trades and proof of it (sorry guys - don't want to get scammed - I will of course do the same! Once I have confirmation I will post and send you proof!
7. I will be picking the trade based on what appeals to me the most! Please, don't be upset if you're not chosen! Be a good sport I like nice people!
8. I cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost package - that being said, I always package things securely! (once posted the weather and other events are out of my hands! You can always request a registered package, and send a registered package too :D)
9. I will be including a surprise gift in the trade!
10. Trade offer closes once I accept a trade offer!
11. If you know me well, you can ask for something I have not featured on my storenvy - ask! I may include it in our trade

*** Some hints on what I like - a combination of these would be great!***
1. I love kutusita nyanko!
2. Cute cabochons make me squee
3. Tiny cookie cutters/clay cutters would be awesome
4. I like cute handmade things!
5. I love Totoro!
6. I have a slight *ahem* obsession with sticker flakes and glitter
7. Always been interested in trying out sukerukun/grace/hearty/cosmos clay

Click here for my Instagram, here for my Facebook and here for my Youtube Channel!

And of course, HERE for my storenvy shop!


Shop has been opened for a week!

Ahm . . . . A little bit late to be announcing this on lj - but I have opened my shop! Yay!


I'm still not happy with the design/layout if it - but I'm ok with what I have now :S Hmmm . . . Anyway! To visit it, just click on the picture! And let me know what you think of the shop ^_^ (if you want :S). But, in other news . . . I have made more videos!

This one is a shop update! I added in the Toothless figurine a bit after the shop opened, and since I have such a difficult time photographing the figurine (the black! So hard to capture details!) I took a video of them! Hopefully it shows the details on the Toothless figurines better!

I then made a quick tutorial on how to use cold porcelain with molds ^_^

And lastly, a mini craft haul from Spotlight! I'm going to be doing videos more often now I think - mainly because I find it kind of fun in some weird way to film and edit the film ^_^ (I'm weird I know) and the next video will show some charms :D Of course if anyone have suggestions on what the videos should be about, I would like to know~!


Store Opening Announcement!

First of all - the exciting news! I will be opening my Store Envy this Sunday!

I'm just going to spend the day before checking, and double checking things to make sure everything has the right details, shipping, and so on and so forth, before I click the button that opens the shop! I can't wait! ^_^ But in other news - I went to the Craft & Quilt Fair!

Yup - bought quite a number of things per usual, and so that I don't have to write about what I got, I made a video instead :D

I have to admit, I quite like doing videos - perhaps I should do more? And do some tutorials and charm updates or something? Hmm . . guess it depends on how busy this year will be! Not to mention I film it all on my iPad, which is ok, but not the best. We shall have to see . . .


Review: Cold Porcelain!

So I got around to doing a proper review on cold porcelain - and ended up making a video of it!

I know, I know - I've gone a little bit nuts with videos for the past week have I not? I filmed all of my latest videos using my iPad (and actually, the quality isn't half bad) and since I got a new video editing program (that ended up being really fun to use) I went a bit crazy XD lol!

But, at least some (kind of) decent videos got produced because of it, and happily I was in the middle of experimenting with cold porcelain, so that worked out well too! In the video, I do include a lot of information, so you should pause it when needed since I didn't bother using my voice, I used subtitles instead, so all of the info is written!

Hopefully it helps, and I've covered as much as I can - though keep in mind, this video is based on my perspective of my first impressions of it, and my limited experience in using the clay! Anyway, in other news . . .

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Cold Porcelain! Hauls! Trade! Koi!

Hullo all! It's been a while - and I really should post more often, given that quite a few things have happened! To start off with, while I was updating my store envy and putting up more things - the computer crashed! So that mean I was set back for a while and it delayed the updating of the store envy! On top of that, soon after my computer was fine again - the internet went weird  -_-"

Long story short - I am still updating my store envy! Good news is that I have less than 100 to go T-T I am thinking that would take me this week and next week to complete? Or at least I hope so! Meanwhile, I took the chance of a little free time to do a few things! I'll start with the most recent! I have been making my own cold porcelain clay, and I have been experimenting with it! I even ended up making a video on how I make the cold porcelain ^_^ Took me a few hours to shoot, edit and upload it, but I'm pretty happy with the end result?

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