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Just a quick little review on two of Azzura Gelati ice-cream. firstly, the peach ice-cream!

It has a thin white chocolate outer shell, tinted to make it look like a peach, with an edible chocolate stem but not edible leaf.

The peach ice-cream inside was a nice yellow-peach colour, and tasting delicately of peach, and the texture was creamy - just the way I like it :D . I would have liked a stronger taste, but that's a personal preference, I adore peach! And it's pit is a Ferrero Rocher, nice!

We also had the pear ice-cream!

Again, it has a thin white chocolate shell, and edible chocolate stem but not edible leaf, and the chocolate shell is tinted to make it look like a pear. Pretty cute these ice-creams I have to say!

The ice-cream was also creamy, and tasting of pear, not a strong flavour again, but nicely refreshing. The centre was a dark chocolate truffle - although not the accurate pear pips, it w  as really nice, and matched well with the ice-cream.

We had this at Han's cafe at Leederville, although I've had the peach one before at Lido, the Vietnamese restaurant in Perth city.

So there you have it! A little review of some of the ice-creams by Azzura Gelati.

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