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Sorting and Food

Even though I have been pretty busy, I have been keeping an eye out for things that I can use for my crafts when I go out shopping, and I picked up these:

Some craft containers! And they're a pretty decent size too, perfect for me to empty all those mini glass jars filled with glitter.

Not to mention, it'll be easier to get the glitter out of the containers compared to the jars! I'm trying to keep my supplies as neat as possible, but what I really need is a decent set of shelves and a workroom! Ahaha, perhaps when I have my own place it would be possible ^_^

I have discovered this useful thing! It's a needle threader! Why on earth did I not find it sooner? Or know about it sooner? It would save me so much trouble threading needles and the sewing machine. Good thing this comes in a set of three, since my mum needs one too, given she always gets me to thread her needles for her! Oh, to deviate a little, this is the amount of files and things I have for uni:

In total, three files, three text books, a diary and a notebook - not to mention my prolific use of sticky notes:

I'm only in my fourth week! T-T Trying to stay on top of things is a battle, guh. Ah but, I have recently discovered this new place to eat, and they have really nice chicken! I have pictures of course!

I went to eat there, at the Golden Chick, after watching the movie 'The Hunger Games' with Sian, and took a look at the menu while drinking this canned drink of crushed strawberries that they sold there. I think I've mentioned it before, but I love trying weird asian drinks, so I couldn't resist when I saw these small cans of fruit juices. The drink was quite nice actually, and there was strawberry pulp in there too.

I think it's a Korean drink. There was apple and pear there too, which I shall try next time!

For starters, we shared a Tornado, or a Spiral Spud, which is a potato cut into a spiral, skewered, fried and dusted with chilli powder, or whatever else you want on it. It was really crispy and delicious - like freshly made home-made potato chips.

We ordered the regular serve of soy suace roasted chicken, rice and a salad, and they gave us some moist towelettes, and a gift of a vegetable peeler! ^_^ The takeaway box was really useful, and we opened it to find this:

As you can see, we kind of tore into the chicken before I remembered to take a picture! Lol! The chicken pieces mainly consisted of wings and drumsticks (our favourite parts!), and had a lovely not too salty soy sauce smothered all over it.

The rice was cooked well, and had some teriyaki sauce on it with a sprinkle of sesame seeds all over everything.

It was really good to eat, and the towelettes were very much needed!

This whole meal was enough for the two of us:

And the salad! Covered with some sort of tomato puree, and made up of shredded cabacge, cherry tomatoes and lettuce:

Mixed in with the rice, it was a nice addition.

Golden Chicks on Urbanspoon

Ah, sad news - I had to withdraw from registering as a trader at Supanova, as it falls smack bang in the middle of my prac T-T I was looking forward to being a trader at Supanova! It is unfortunate, but I will need to concentrate on my prac, and worrying about trading at Supanova will be too disruptive. Ah well, there is always next year, and there is always Wai-con! And Etsy - I know, I know, I have yet to edit the photos so I can get Etsy up and selling!


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