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Onigiri Stamp - Attempt No 2

So . . . after handing in a freakishly large assignment (it kind of became bigger and bigger the more I worked on it) that ended up being over 15000 words, and 60 pages long, I had to have some tlc, and then do something crafty! So I tried carving a stamp, again.

Being the klutz I am, I was really careful not to hurt myself, and I think it turned out ok . . . can't really know until I buy a stamp pad though >_<" I keep forgetting to get one! This is another onigiri one, but a fluffy one, similar to the design I used for the badges:

I can't seem to get the beautiful neat lines I have seen some people get when they carve their stamps. Perhaps the lino I'm using is too stiff? It appears that over in the US they use a block that looks as soft as an eraser. Hmmm . . .  Anyway! To be a bit random, I had dim sum a few days back, so some foodie pictures:

Our table! This was at Regal on Roe Seafood restaurant. I like how they have a nice range of food, and it's not that bad to try and get a table at their place. And everything is cooked nicely, and for this place, they also give you dipping sauces for certain dishes.

I'm really REALLY partial to their egg tarts!

And I usually don't like to eat prawns, or at least prefer not to, but I couldn't resist these fried prawn wontons!

I like being able to eat a range of different food, so dim sum is awesome for me. 

And this is the one dish I must always get when I have dim sum - salt and chilli squid! Ok, enough randomness, I shall go and get some much needed rest . . . I suspect I'm getting sick though, on my break too! -_-" Not that it'll be much of one, considering I have another assignment due soon! The assignment gods are not happy with me I see . . . 

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