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Milk & Cookies and Lunch

A friend of mine is getting engaged and I'm invited to her engagement party - so besides buying the happy couple a present, I decided to make them something too, as a little extra. I decided that since she likes cookies, how cute would it be if I made an oreo cookie and a milk carton, saying to each other "We were made for each other"? Or "We just work!", or even "You are the milk to my cookie" . . . undecided about which one to do XD Anyway, so I'll need to make the cookie and the carton, and stick them on top of a decorated box, that they can use as a keepsakes box, or whatever. Anyway, photos!

The milk carton, all ready to be fired up in the oven! Ugh, I forget how hard it is to make things with straight edges! This took me over an hour to get right, and even then I'm not 100% happy with it. Maybe I'll feel better once I slap some paint on it.

And here is the oreo cookie! Given that I didn't want to smooth down the details to paint on the eyes and blush marks, I decided to use circles of clay and stick them on. Same goes for the milk carton, otherwise if they have different types of eyes, it would look weird!

My whole table at the moment. Even after putting things in cupboards and what not, my table is still cluttered.

Anyway, I'm only up to painting the first layer of paint.

The oreos. Since they're dark in colour, I can't use black eyes on them.

The milk carton. Remember how there was a hole in it before? It's for me to stick a real straw into it, to make it look more milk carton-ish - and it's easier using a real straw compared to making one!

So the eyes for the milk carton will be black, while the eyes for the cookies will be brown, and of course, the pink blush marks. I've realised that the proportions of the milk carton and the cookie is quite big, so I may just make a stand for them instead. Not entirely sure if I want to deco it, and cover the stand with fake whipped cream, or go the simple way, and just have a board, with them stuck on it, with the oreo propped up on whipped cream, and the words written on it in some way. I will have to see, after going to Spotlight and having a look at what I can work with! 

Now to be a bit random, I went to Poppo, a Japanese/Korean restaurant in the city to have lunch with my friends. And so of course, here are the picture of the food we ate! 

We kind of got stuck into eating before I remembered to take photos, so the food you will see have things done to them XD Anyway, I had bibimbap - which is beef mince, vegetables, rice, and egg, that you mix with the korean spicy sauce, and eat with kimchi. I love this dish, since it always reminds me of my childhood, how my mum will mix my food all in one bowl, so I would eat everything instead of just eating the meat, or the vegies and skipping the rice. They also serve this with a bowl of miso soup, and you can get barley tea and water for free.

My friend Gunjan, had this dish. I forget what it's called but it's number 28 on the menu, so it's really spicy chicken (you can have the option of pork too) with veggies, rice, miso soup, kimchi and some other side dishes. It looked really good, and came out on a sizzling hot, hot plate.

My other friend, Olivia, had sashimi of tuna and salmon, with rice and vegetables and of course miso soup. It looked very pretty (half eaten now). I've had sashimi once before, and kind of had a bad experience, and haven't tried it again - there's also the thought of eating raw fish, and perhaps the kind of texture it would have . . . I will probably one day try it again, but it better be really good sashimi then!

And finally, to share, we had the californian crispy roll, that had sauce and salmon roe over it. It is fantastic! I love the different textures of it, and the sauce makes it really good. I always order this dish every time I go there.

But anyway, the food was good, and reasonably priced, and afterwards we went shopping around in the city, which was a bad bad idea, since I splurged a little on a dress for prac, some leg warmers (corny I know, but they are so cute with pompoms! I may just wear them at home, since I have no courage to wear them outside), and fingerless gloves. I shall of course, keep you updated on how the oreo cookie and the milk carton comes along!!

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Apr. 14th, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
That's a really cute idea. I personally like "We were made for each other" ^^
Apr. 15th, 2012 02:00 pm (UTC)
^_^ I was thinking that, that one is good, it seems to suit my friends more than the others :)
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