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Almost finished! Squee!

I was able to work on the Milk & Cookie project some more, and I am happy to say, I am almost finished! I think I will have it all finished by tomorrow! Anyway, photos and comments, of course:

So here it is, roughly assembled so that I can have an idea of what it looks like! I haven't glued the heart frame on yet, but I positioned it on to see how it looks. The frame is a bit big, but short of slicing off the ends of the frame to make it shorter, I'll just have to keep it as it is. As you can see, I've written 'milk' on the milk carton, and added a bow tie to it, and a little bow for the oreo too! 

As you can see, I've decided to go with the phrase "We were made for each other", and after it sets, all I need to do is glaze, and glue it onto the base!

And so far, the entire base has been glazed, the icing, and the milk and cookie. All I can hope for now is that the couple will like this present, it is after all, a bit unusual :S

And speaking of unusual . . . when we went to Chilliz  today . . . 

We came across this strange drink! 'Kickapoo Joy Juice'? Lol! Seeing it we had to get it and try it, when we went to get some food for lunch. I forgot to take some pictures of the food, but I had the BBQ chicken with steamed rice and extra vegetables, and Sian had the garlic roast chicken with steamed rice and extra vegetables. Their dishes are pretty decent, tasty, and the rice portions are filling, and given that each dish is a bit over $4 (.50c extra for extra veggies), it's a good 'student' meal. Given that they make the chicken and the food there (you can see chicken hanging on hooks ready to be cooked in the kitchens) beforehand, they have the tubs of meals in the heater thingy all ready, so ordering and getting the food is really fast. Anyway, we had this strange drink, and the taste reminds me of a Mountain Dew turned into an energy drink. Not bad, and of course I always get a kick out of trying new and weird drinks!

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