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Even though currently I am tackling a monstrosity of an assignment, I just thought I'll do a post on some of the projects I want to do soon, and talk about other bits and pieces.

I came across these adorable little tape dispensers at the shops, and promptly bought them.

They're maybe about 3cm long, and they work just fine. I'm thinking of decorating them, or making them look like snails or something. I can't wait to start tinkering around with them!

I recently bought a stack of books! I got them on www.fishpond.com.au, and they were priced pretty low, lower than what you would find in a book shop, or at other online book stores.

I adore waffles, so when it's half priced Tuesdays at Gelare - I would, now and then, go there and share one with my fiance. This one we had, we had it with mango sorbet, and raspberry sorbet.

Oh yes, I also got these! Their little comics about cute things, saying completely uncute things! The artist also has a blog where she puts some of her comics up, http://www.kawaiinot.com/ Its great for a laugh, and these books even have a stand, so you can put them on display on your coffee table, and flip to a new comic each day. And I also got them from www.fishpond.com.au.

We had lunch in a foodcourt in Carillon City in Perth, and while I had takeaway bibimbap from Poppo, my fiance had the chicken katsu from Nagano Sushi. They have really decent chicken katsu there, and the prices are good, so we usually stop there when we feel like having katsu.

And this is what bibimbap looks like before I mix it all together and omnomnom it.

And the chicken katsu looked really good, so I stole a bite or two ^_^ If you're wondering where all the vegetables are, they're underneath the ultra crunchy chicken XD. Anyway, that is all from me for now, must work on and finish this assignment that is due Wednesday!

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