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Random things

Alright, so I had a terrible week - good news is, is that it won't continue - at least I hope not. I won't go into the details, as there are just some things that you can't write about in a public blog, so I'll just talk about a few random things, now that I've finally been able to upload some photos.

First things first (funny phrase that), I haven't had churros for a while, so a stop to San Churros occurred! I love the one in Leederville - as it was the first one I had ever gone to. And my favourite is just cinnamon dusted churros, with either milk or white chocolate to dunk it in, and the Cookie Cha Cha! A cookies and cream milkshake. ^_^ A sugar high that I am willing to indulge in whenever the need arises!

->Chocolateria San Churro Leederville on Urbanspoon

But I am getting ahead of myself, we didn't have dessert first - we did have a proper meal at Han's Cafe at Leederville too. So above, we had the chicken satay, which is nice. We wanted the chicken wings for entree, but they had run out. Pity.

Significant other had the stir fried noodles (he really likes noodles with a lot of sauce).

While I had the char kway teow. I like these kind of flat noodles - not sure why XD

->Han's Cafe Leederville on Urbanspoon

I ordered some books online from Fishpond again, and got the fourth book to two quadrilogies. I'm the kind of person that likes to complete sets, else I get a bit annoyed if there is a hole missing! And even when the covers don't match/have the same theme. I'm a little pedantic about it I guess. But I am looking forward to reading them!

On my way to pick up these books at the post office, I bought some things there that caught my eye. Like this food container/cup thingy!

It's like a huge mug!

And the lid stores a fold-able soon! I have issues bringing my own utensils, so this guarantees I will never forget!

This thing is insulated, and the lid sealable, so I can bring hot soups or hot food for lunch!

Not to mention, it's microwavable. How user friendly is that? And since I'm starting to eat more home cooking (to be healthier, and it's more cost effective etc etc) This is a great way to bring food with me, instead of those weak, plastic takeaway containers.

Um . . . yes . . .I can't resist these things! And I don't have space on my desk for them at the moment either! Perhaps on my future desk in my future classroom? For now . . . it's stored, ahaha.

And . . . colourful pens - how could I resist? Good for marking soon, for the grade I am teaching in, I will be marking a fair bit actually.

A while ago we went to Xintiandi for a lunch of dim sum, or yum cha. It's one of my favourite places to go to, and it used to be known as Jade Palace - no idea why they changed the name.

Our table after we kind of glomphed down some food before I remembered to take a picture. I have no idea what the names of the dishes were.

I will try though, and get it wrong. Dish on the top left was pork spare ribs, very juicy and succulent, it was significant other's favourite. Then the shu mai (?) on top right, and then at the bottom, sesame balls with a lotus paste - a favourite asian dessert of mine.

Starting from the very right, BBQ pork buns! Ultimate favourite! Middle, some sort of crunchy on the outside, sticky rice dumpling on the inside, with a filling of pork mince with sauce - really, really good - try it if you spot it! And on the very left, some sort of pork and chives dumplings, that were steamed and then pan fried.

And an additional dish we had, BBQ roast pork, it had this sticky sweet/savoury glaze on it, and it was just really nice to eat. 

Xintiandi on Urbanspoon

And that is it for my random post!




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Jun. 2nd, 2012 05:01 am (UTC)
Jun. 2nd, 2012 07:24 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks. Happily though, the bad situation I was in all last week has now changed for the better, and I (hopefully) wont have anymore bad experiences ^_^
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