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Visiting Friends and More Food

I took a breather today, before going back to more studying ^_^ As it seems like every week for the next 6 weeks, I will be pretty busy doing assignments and so on so forth. But I do have an idea that I have been toying with  . . . 

Yup, a life-size Totoro plushy/beanbag. Or at least, as big as I can make it! I would need a lot of fleece to do it, and I would need quite a number of panels to make him - but how cool would it be to make a huge one? Just an idea for now though, but ever since I watched the movie, all I've wanted to do was jump on a Totoro! Ahahaha, impossible right? Perhaps if I do make this, a small child would be able to jump onto this huge Totoro shaped bean bag for me instead ^_^

Ah, I went out today, and I went and got a Custard Apple bubble tea at Hi Tea at Coventry Square. It had a nice taste and strong enough to satisfy me, but a bit sticky? I still liked it though since it's one of my favourite fruits :) They also offer savoury dishes and cakey desserts - I'll have to have a try another time! I also visited Yobe Cosplay! And as you can see some of my things are being sold there XD Makes me squee, lol!

Hi Tea on Urbanspoon

We also went to Sushi Master! And had lunch at the sushi train ^_^ I'm not game enough to try the sashimi, as I haven't had raw fish before (I think it's the thought of the texture that gets to me?) but look! They have takoyaki! I adore takoyaki, and their's was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside with delicious bits of octopus in it! Wah, so awesome! And it was fresh when we had it, and coated in sauce! And the prices are ok, and for each dish of the sushi you get about two pieces (although takoyaki was three XD). Anyway, that is my outing for the weekend! Back to the books! Perhaps next time I will whip something crafty and quick to show next time! ;)

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