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Shop has been opened for a week!

Ahm . . . . A little bit late to be announcing this on lj - but I have opened my shop! Yay!


I'm still not happy with the design/layout if it - but I'm ok with what I have now :S Hmmm . . . Anyway! To visit it, just click on the picture! And let me know what you think of the shop ^_^ (if you want :S). But, in other news . . . I have made more videos!

This one is a shop update! I added in the Toothless figurine a bit after the shop opened, and since I have such a difficult time photographing the figurine (the black! So hard to capture details!) I took a video of them! Hopefully it shows the details on the Toothless figurines better!

I then made a quick tutorial on how to use cold porcelain with molds ^_^

And lastly, a mini craft haul from Spotlight! I'm going to be doing videos more often now I think - mainly because I find it kind of fun in some weird way to film and edit the film ^_^ (I'm weird I know) and the next video will show some charms :D Of course if anyone have suggestions on what the videos should be about, I would like to know~!


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