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Trade offer!


I've decided to open for trades!

Trade rules are:

1. It's an international trade!
2. You must be 18 or older OR have parents permission to mail out
3. You must be a follower on Instagram/liker on Facebook/subscriber on Youtube! Any one of those three!
4. Make a video on Youtube (titled "Trade Offer for WaterMelon³ - Bistrez")/Instagram pic or post/Facebook picture post of your trade offer and message me about what you would like from my shop! (I prefer videos if you can! Or just heaps of pictures! And remember to notify me of it!)
5. You can pick anything from my storenvy as long as the total (not including shipping costs) is $20 or under!
6. Must send first and send confirmation of doing so! By sending me a private message of a scan of your postage receipt OR unless you have an established 5+ trades and proof of it (sorry guys - don't want to get scammed - I will of course do the same! Once I have confirmation I will post and send you proof!
7. I will be picking the trade based on what appeals to me the most! Please, don't be upset if you're not chosen! Be a good sport I like nice people!
8. I cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost package - that being said, I always package things securely! (once posted the weather and other events are out of my hands! You can always request a registered package, and send a registered package too :D)
9. I will be including a surprise gift in the trade!
10. Trade offer closes once I accept a trade offer!
11. If you know me well, you can ask for something I have not featured on my storenvy - ask! I may include it in our trade

*** Some hints on what I like - a combination of these would be great!***
1. I love kutusita nyanko!
2. Cute cabochons make me squee
3. Tiny cookie cutters/clay cutters would be awesome
4. I like cute handmade things!
5. I love Totoro!
6. I have a slight *ahem* obsession with sticker flakes and glitter
7. Always been interested in trying out sukerukun/grace/hearty/cosmos clay

Click here for my Instagram, here for my Facebook and here for my Youtube Channel!

And of course, HERE for my storenvy shop!


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