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More Youtubing!

Hello all! It has been a while and I have been busy making, editing and uploading videos up onto youtube ^_^ But before I share them, just an update with the trade offer!

I have decided to put a deadline on it, and it ends on the 5th of July! I had to set one, as some things have come up, and I can't leave it open-ended like that :) I'm actually not even sure if anyone will even accept my trade offer, and offer their trade too, but we will see ^_^ If there is none, I will have a think about extending the deadline, or just not have one anymore.

But in other news, here are the videos! I made two charm updates:

They're not really charm updates per se, as these things I have made a while ago, and never have filmed until now.

But there is something nice about being able to see every aspect of the charm, no?

I then made another video about cold porcelain - went into more detail about how much it darkens in colour when it dries, if you use acrylic paint to colour the clay. I tried out as many colours as I could XD I then made two random videos, one about the candy sprinkle collection I have . . .

I use them mainly to decorate cupcakes, cakes and cookies - but I also use them for resin! I do love how resin preserves things ^_^

then I kind of jumped on the bandwagon and made a video about the squishy collection I have. Which is woefully small, and well, consists of only three. Lol. But there you go! I have been busy with work, and video making! I haven't been able to craft as much, and making deco pieces (as you have seen in the cold porcelain video) isn't really crafting as such.

Perhaps I will get some time soon, and maybe make a resin piece? Not sure . . . But I do know I will be making a film showing some of my resin pieces, and maybe some softies too!


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