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Hello all! It's been a while T^T sorry sorry! Things have been busy, and I keep forgetting to post! Anyway, the most important news I have is that I have a giveaway on at the moment on my Instagram and my Youtube channel! To go to my Instagram, just click here: http://instagram.com/#bistre and below is my video about the giveaway on Youtube Channel:

I hope you will enter in the giveaway since its international :D However, that was not the only video I have posted xD I think I've gone a little bit nuts with it, but I find it fun to be able to see things in another way. So I filmed my first resin update:

And of course I did a second one:

And then because I have far too many stickers, I did two videos on my sticker collection, that I use mainly for resin:

It's also a sneak preview on what sort of stickers I will be using in my resin pieces later on ;)

I have many more videos but I will have to put them in another post so that it's not too overwhelming :3 But I have exciting news! I will be attending Yobe Cosplay's festival to celebrate International Cosplay Day!

So exciting! And my last piece of news is that I'm moving to a new place soon! Which explains why I haven't made anything new :S Hard to do when almost everything I have is packed into boxes, geh - So hopefully once it's all done, and everything is moved and settled down in September, I can get back to crafting! And make some more things with cold porcelain, and maybe do some deco? There will probably be an update later on about a huge craft haul I have been doing . . . online shopping is a bit dangerous, but great when locally, craft things are difficult to get or the range of it is so limited!



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