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Craft, Shopping and Peculiar Food

So yes, I have more videos to share with you! Most likely I'm boring everyone silly with them, but there is not much to post about, given that I am still busy with work, the process of moving, and waiting for pacakges to arrive from my crazy shopping spree for craft things xD

But! I did have a fantastic time at Yobe Cosplay's festival! It rained on the day, but luckily even though it was an anime flea market, we were undercover, so no wet things for me, yay! And I got to be table buddies with the amazing Taro.Sweets and Kura :D They must be so sick of seeing me almost everywhere they do to trade, hehehe

Here's a picture!

The table~! I really must see about getting two tables every time I trade, as there is not much room for everything . . . And another photo! Another shot of the table, and a group photo of the cosplayers on the day :) I'm hiding in the back somewhere, fufufufu!

Yup, a lot of fun! Now, onto the videos!

Hehe, my third charm update! I think about 2 more updates or so and my entire charm collection will be shown (goodness I have a lot). I then did a phone plug update:

I haven't made many, so only one update needed for the moment! Now, onto the craft hauls! (this was not from my crazy spending spree online, rather things I got locally, or things that was bought for me :) )

A second craft haul :3

And now for my wierd food obsession . . . I tend to go into shops, namely asian grocers, and be drawn towards snacks and sweets that I have never tried before, or looks interesting xD So . . . I made a haul of them, hahaha:

I did go a little bit overboard, so I needed a second video :) Keep in mind though that I don't eat everything at once, and even now, about 80% of the food I show hasn't been eaten yet (lol) and this was done over a few weeks!

And there we go! No more videos :) For now, lol. It's getting quite close to when I move out, so I imagine I may not post for the next couple of weeks. But I will be posting photos up on Instagram and facebook, so be sure to check them out to see what I'm up to!



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