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More Fuse Bead Experimentations!

I'm happy to report that I am quite close to the end of the uploading, and detail typing of all the products I am putting up on my store envy! I think once it is open, I won't be crafting or adding anything to the shop until either most or everything is sold, or on the rare occassion I will accept a commission. Enough of that, some more experiments!

I had to try a Squirtle one! I also want to do a Bulbasaur - but currently restricted by the ONE shade of green I have . . . and I am loathe to be tempted into buying more beads!

Then I tried out some Koi fish! Even though the red patches on their foreheads does make them look like koi . . . if you flip the fish upside down . . . they look like mouths :S lol!

Now, back to the issue of the shop - I have about 100 left of things to upload and type about, and I know - it has been over 3 months since I started it, and a lot of people been very patient! I think when I finally open, I want to offer some sort of prize for the first (something number) customers, that I will randomly include in their purchases. Dunno - we will see!


Whilst setting up shop . . .

I haven't updated for a while I know - I have been busy with work, and setting up my shop (still! OTL) and there is about 100 items left to put up T-T But in between, I have been experimenting with perler beads, or fuse beads:

Of course I had to make a Pikachu one! And then I went a bit nuts . . .

Yup . . .a bit crazy . . . I adore the Dratini - it was my favourite Pokemon as a child!

The only colours I have are pretty basic ones, and I'm dying to get grey beads to make a Totoro! But I fear if I do, I will then have yet another craft hobby to add to my other crafting hobbies! What with polymer clay, air dry clay, plushy hats, softies and resin - I don't know if I can add bead spriting to it! It is quite fun, and there is something relaxing about putting the beads into place, and then ironing it, and then a few minutes later holding the end end product in your hands . . . But I really should be concentrating on making my ideas become a reality for my other crafts than being side tracked my this, even if this pixelated art is fun.

Even though I say this, I do have two jars of these beads that haven't been all used up . . . perhaps I can restrict myself to a few designs (not hard I'm guessing, given my limited colours) and still be able to explore my ideas for my other crafts. I will have to see :)

But now, I shall continue to set up my shop! Ugh, uploading pictures, typing up descriptions that includes their measurements, setting prices, and setting postage prices, and categorising them all - a lot more time consuming than I first thought! I shall persist!




I am still (gah) in the process of setting up my store envy! I am happy to say however that I am a bit more than halfway done, so hopefully in two weeks time (I'm being very optimistic I know) I will be able to open! But meanwhile . . .

I've made this little glass jar charm! It's filled with Mamegomas! Which are these little seals ^_^

I made them for a friend of mine for her birthday ^_^ They are tiny and tricky to make, but lots of fun! I know they have the flippers for their tails, but I was inspired by my friend's chubby version and decided to do it that way, since it's cuter that way (Well, to me anyway).

Also, here's a video update of it:

:D And that is it for now! Although I may post soon about Oz Comic Con!


Setting up shop . . .

I know, I know  - I haven't posted in a while, but I have a good excuse reason! First of all, I started a new job, so that in itself has it's own hectic busyness and some different and new stress - but for my second news!! I'm setting up an online shop! I've dabbled in using etsy before, but I never did like how it (and ebay) charge fees, so I looked up on Store Envy, and just seemed like a better option!

So for the past few weeks, I have been setting it up, designing how it will look, taking pictures (just. so. many. pictures!), editing said pictures, and now - slowly putting them all up onto the shop! Considering there is almost 400 products I need to type up details for, set prices, shipping prices, and attach photos to . . . it's been slow going, and I'm only able to do it at night after work (if I'm not too tired) and on the weekend (if I'm not spending it sleeping). But! I will give you a sneak peak of what it looks like!!


Ta-dah! I have about 30 items up so far? T-T It looks decent at least - but I'm a bit worried that it is very, kind of, well . . . *pink*. I'm a bit disinclined to open the shop now, given that there is so many left to put up, and I don't like having to put up listings, deal with orders and ship them - and since I put up listings so slowly, there is a risk the shop would be empty (given that anyone does buy something :x ) - so I guess I will have to make do, do this as fast as humanly possible, and get it up and running soon! We shall see how it goes!


Wai-con! During and After!

Alright - so during the convention! This was my booth:

I and my cousin set up the booth on the Friday (thank goodness we did, as there were quite a number of hiccups doing it, and even more on the Saturday morning) and I am pretty happy with it! Got to hang the long rainbow tailed Nyan Cat behind us, all the signs were up - and somehow, SOMEHOW - managed to fit EVERYTHING onto the one table! Goodness, I should have gotten two booths instead - how crazily jammed on was everything?

For a better look of my booth, I took a video of it on my iPad ^_^ Excuse its shakiness and poor quality (though it does look a bit better on the highest hd setting). Now for some close up photos of my table:

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Before Wai-con 2013!

Well - the convention has finished! But I have a LOT of pictures so I have decided to do more than one post to break it up in more manageable bits ^_^ Anyway! Before the convention, this is what I did:

I was completing the softies! So this is a picture of them all being half done - The Domo pillows, Pikachu pillows and the Nyan Cats were done! But I had to sew on the eyes for the Totoro and Onigiris! Ah, the stack of hats had their button eyes and their features glued on, so they were done too! A few hours later . .

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A loong rainbow tail!

Hmm - I went a bit nuts and made a 2.18m rainbow tail for a Nyan Cat softie . . .

So yup - I will be selling a (just the one) Nyan Cat softie with a pretty long rainbow tail XD I don't know if anyone would buy it, but we shall see! Ah yes, I added a random picture of a can of Fanta - recently they've released them in their retro can design which I think is pretty cute (yes, I had one for a break after sewing that massive tail!). Anyway, the good news is that I have finished sewing, and finished stuffing everything with stuffing, and am now poised to hot glue things on, and sew buttons on! 

I won't put up a picture of what the softies look like now - there are bits and pieces missing so it looks a bit like a toy graveyard, ehehehe. I'll put up a picture of them when they are done, and maybe a picture of every single softie I have!

I may potentially finish making everything tomorrow!! So excited! Because that means I would have more time to make the extra whale charms, and the displays! Ah, speaking of finishing:

Completely forgot to put up a picture of the completed resin keychains! So now there is one more cupcake one, some more fishy ones (in bowls, or bags and etc) and a heart sprinkle one! (I had resin left over) And sadly to say, I have used up all three sets of my resin D: Gah - who knew I would use so much??

Anyway, that is all done! And luckily all the stock (keychains, charms etc) is fitting in the boxes (no idea how I will get enough boxes for the softies, but that's another matter). With less than 4 days to go for Wai-con, I'm so, so excited!

Where am I?

I hope everyone (in Australia) had a good Australia Day! But - Good news! They have recently sent us a map of where we would be for Wai-con!

We are at Perth Convention Centre, at Pavilion 1 - and I am on table D! Next to Kura & Taro.Sweets, and across from Yobe Cosplay! I'm so happy to be near/next to my last years' table buddies! So if you're in Perth on the 2nd and 3rd of Feb - come say hi! Anyway, in other news:

My Instagram now has more than 200 followers! I am flabbergasted that the numbers has reached that high, and really, really happy and grateful to all my followers ^_^

Ah, but I have been busy . .

Sewing! Sewing like mad! At the moment, I'm sewing the tails for the Nyan Cat softies, but pretty much everything else is done - only the Nyan Cats to complete! I've used the sewing machine so much though in the last few days that the light bulb in the sewing machine blew! D: And since I don't have the time to go buy the replacement, I've been using a small hand held, rechargeable torch, blu tacked to the side of the sewing machine, and aimed at the needle and the sewing area T-T

Ah well, creative solution! It works though, and it will do for now ^_^ Once the sewing is completed, all I have left to do is stuff, sew things shut, glue on features, sew on eyes and package the softies! And then make the display boards, sort out the mystery prizes and free gifts, the change needed for the convention, and *takes a breath* make the whale charms! 

I've left the whale charms to the end, because I just don't know if I will have enough time to make them! As adorable as they are as figurines, I plain forgot to make them as charms! *sigh* Fingers crossed I finish early and are able to make them!

I plan to finish by the upcoming Friday morning, so that I can go and do a half set up on Friday afternoon - two reasons for this - less stress on Saturday morning, and more time for me to play around with the display! That is all for now, busy, busy days ahead!


Fishy fish fish!

I have never really thought of fish stickers being cute, but I think these are my exception! Oh yes, before I continue, hello all! Yes, I've been hard at work, cutting fabric to make hats and softies, while in between, making resin charms/keychains/etc:

First up! Fish Aquarium resin keychains! The piece is quite big to accommodate the fishies  - which is why they're going to be keychains instead of charms ^_^ And for some more keychains:

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Resin Charms!

Well, this post won't be all about resin charms - more like to do with any sort of resin work I have been doing for the past few days ^_^

These are some of the resin charms I have finished! Gingerbread men (two types), a handbag, heels, seashells, and a heart shaped resin piece with a pudding sticker embedded in it :D

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